Contact Information:
Rita Ryan
Contact Rita: 505-510-CLAY (2529) 
Find Rita Saturday mornings during the growing season starting in April
At: The Village of Los Ranchos Growers/Crafters Market on Rio Grande Blvd.
Just north of Chavez rd.

Coffee Table Bowls

Who says Art has to match the sofa!

Beautiful (food safe) Coffee table bowls can be used for decoration and hung on the wall. Placed on a plate stand and tucked into the corner of a fireplace mantel or tossed on your coffee table with the daily news!

Fanciful Functional pottery is the goal here..oven safe....

Use: Bake a wonderful loaf of bread, serve nachos with melted cheese, or just serve some lovely home baked cookies in this colorful creation your wish is its command!

$100.00 includes tax and shipping to most of the U.S.

Contact: Rita Ryan 505 239 7481

"Funky Soap Dish"

Rita S. Ryan
Clay Art is Clever!

If you missed the show,
you can read all about it on
HGTV "That's Clever"
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by: Rita S. Ryan

Soap Dishes

Rita's High Fire Stoneware Funky Soap dishes $20 each
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Artist: Rita S. Ryan

Rita S. Ryan

High Fire Stoneware Platter
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High Fire Stoneware Platter

This Beautiful Cobalt Blue Platter
is oven and dishwasher safe.
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Fishy Platter

Wall Art
Oven Safe
Keep your appetisers nice and warm in the oven until ready to serve.

Wall Art

Ikebana Wall plaque:
approx size 12 x 8 inches