White with red gold accent.... Ikebana $45
Ikebana prices vary $40 to $110

Nagiere: "Tossed in Flowers"
The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging in contemporary form
by Rita S. Ryan

Wheel Thrown Egg Trays

High Fire Stoneware beautiful plate for
deviled eggs will be the hit of the party!
Egg Trays vary in price and size platter size like this one average $55

Plate inspired by NC potter "Cat Jarosz" Posted by Hello

Epergne in Clay Posted by Hello
Epergne: (A-Pern)
An Epergne is described as a centerpiece which may be used to serve food (nuts and candies) as well as display flowers. Most often a piece like this would be used for decoration only. Epergnes were originally made on both sides of the Atlantic, with perhaps the fanciest coming from France. The English made epergnes as early as the 1860's in Sheffield plate. Brass versions made their appearance in the Orient in the last century. The carnival glass makers of this century contributed some of the most colorful versions including the fountain epergne. Rita S. Ryan Presents: "Epergne in Clay" a unique beautiful representation piece.

Ikebana vase 3 stem

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Large woven bowl. Heat in oven, use for serving hot bread or rolls. Use as a beautiful fruit bowl or coffee table bowl. $108 SOLD Posted by Hello

The Way of The Flower

Contemporary Ikebana Vase

Large Mottle Blue "Nagiere" (tall container for flowers) Nageire literally means "tossed-in flowers," which are arranged in a narrow-mouthed, tall container without using kenzan, or needlepoint holder(s). Frogs are not used to hold the flowers, Instead, Rita uses 5 slim stems on a long narrow base to to hold either individual or multiple flowers and plants.
$99 (SOLD) Posted by Hello