“The way of the flower”

IKEBANA (ē-kāy-bănă) “The way of the flower” The exquisite art of Japanese flower arrangement, has captivated people throughout the world for centuries. Ikebana, is more than simply putting flowers in an art form. Its heart and beauty result from vibrant color and graceful lines, Its meaning, hidden in the total form of the arrangement. Choice of flowers is guided by desire to create harmony between the flower and container. The three basic sprays of flowers are to signify, heaven, earth and mankind. The key consideration is to use as few stems and leaves as possible in composing elegant contours that highlight the flower’s beauty. The Vase, (hanaire or nagiere) becomes very much a part of the arrangement.

Clay Artist Rita Ryan Presents:

Contemporary Ikebana

The Art of Flower arranging made simple.
Member NM Potters and Clay Artists Association NMPCA