God's Dizzy One?

Now we are on our way to the high life at 5,200 feet above sea level, it's a wonder that I'm not labeled the dizzy one in our family. My life in Sunny NM started in Feb. 1981; I came here on a wing and a prayer, visited with my dear brother David who always seemed to be traveling to exotic places. David left, I stayed, worked hard, played harder, I traveled to mysterious deserts filled with ancient ruins and artifacts, ghosts of past lives loom everywhere here. The call of the mountains tweaked my soul; hiking became a love hate relationship with my body.
Please don't ask me about that motorcycle or the wreck. I was so young and impressed by all the beauty surrounding me. Where did my life at the mall go? I'm screaming Guacamole at the top of my lungs at 10,800 ft., hiking the Grand Canyon, camping uner the stars, and skiing down a black diamond hill fearing for my life. My life was wandering about into unknown territories, then, poking my head into an open door I happened upon my future in clay.
My official Clay resume reads as follows: Rita Ryan walked into an open door at the Heights Community Center one hot summer day in 1981. There she met her future. Rita Ryan began making pottery with teacher Penne Roberts at the Heights Community Center that day. Learning both hand-building and wheel skills. Then after taking a break from clay from 1988 to 1999 to raise two wonderful children Rita found her self starting all over again in the spring of 1999 with clay classes at Mudfish Pottery. Then more classes at the Heights Center with Penne and finally classes with Corrales Potter Dan Feibig. After 2 years of re-inventing her pottery skills Rita started to sell at the local growers market, feedback was terrific and when local customers were fighting over her pottery at her booth, Rita decided that making pottery was just what the doctor ordered to relieve her stressful days as a Commodity Futures Broker.
Rita spends every spare minute of her very busy schedule making what she describes simply as “Pretty Little Pieces of Art”.

Some who read this will know this is the long and short of my adventure in clay, each day is a new discovery, a new realization of God’s plan for me which I believe is highly apparent.
So here I am, flawed and fascinated.